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Fast (DTC) Transfer Agent

EST is a part of Depository Trust Company (DTC) Fast Automated Securities Transfer system (FAST). This enables us to electronically transfer free trading securities via Cede & Co. (DTC’s nominee name) to participating broker/dealers, rather than process paper certificates.

Do you want to become FAST DTC eligible? Please contact us to discuss the direct benefits for you and your shareholders.

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The Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) is one of two ways of transferring between broker/dealers and DTC, the other being the Direct Registration System (DRS) method. Both enable investors to hold their free tradable securities in registered form on the books of the transfer agent, rather than in physical form. DRS is different from DWAC in that shares in DRS have already been issued and are held electronically on the books of the transfer agent.

The DWAC and DRS processes offer a number of benefits to investors. These are some of the benefits that your Company may enjoy while participating in these programs:

• Significantly reduce the time required to deposit stock certificates into a brokerage account.
• Eliminate printing of stock certificates, getting them lost in transit and associated replacement fees.
• Eliminate lengthy broker physical certificate deposits and associated processing fees.
• Eliminate courier shipments and associated fees.
• Increase funding opportunities from institutional investors, lenders, and investment bankers

Shareholders can withdraw their stock from their brokerage accounts and request a physical stock certificate by either having the broker initiate the request through DTC or by having their broker send the shares electronically directly to the transfer agent through the DWAC system.

Additional Services

  • Stock Dividends and Splits;
  • Shareholder Mailings;
  • FINRA Corporate Action Filings;
  • CUSIP Numbers;
  • PO and Secondary Offering Services;
  • 24/7 Remote Access Services for Shareholders and Issuers;